Free Bicycle story eBook offer

I wrote a little bookette, as I alluded to on my June 13 post “I am an Author.” At the time, I didn’t say anything about the work itself, as I didn’t yet know what my plans were for it. Initially intended to be a pitch, I’m now offering it up for public consumption. It’s a short work of narrative non-fiction highlighting my experiences with bicycles and bicycling. Admittedly, nothing spectacular happened to me, yet therein lies it’s appeal: It’s totally relatable, and may just bring you back to a simpler time. It’s also a short read: 20 or so pages in paper format.

The book is currently only available as a Kindle eBook. From today, until Tuesday September 5th, I’m running a promotion where you can download it completely free of charge. I encourage anyone with a Kindle account to take advantage of this right now.

This is completely free. No expectation implied. That said, if you enjoy it, and feel moved to write a quick review on Amazon, that would be the best thanks you could give. Feel free to tell a friend, too, if you think they might like it.

To access, click Buy on Amazon button in lower left.

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