Farmerella and the Baking Contest

Guest post, by my 8 year old daughter, Madeline Hoyer

                                                                                                                                                    Once upon a time, a girl called Farmerella or Ella for short,wanted to win a baking contest and be a famous baker soon! She lived with her mean stepsisters and stepmother called Cici ( c,c ) and Chi ( ch,i ) ( the two stepsisters ) and Mrs. Godfray ( god,fray ) ( stepmom and teacher ). Ella was nine years old , had blonde silky hair and lived in the countryside. Both sisters were envious of Ella and her stepmother always made Ella do all of the cooking and cleaning.         

                                                                                                                                          One day, Ella came down from her room to get some ingredients for the baking contest that she had entered earlier, when suddenly she saw… a lock! Now, the code was 7077, but at the time Ella didn’t know this.”Oh no!” said Ella as she started to look for some clues. “What is this?” said Ella as she picked up a piece of paper. “It says LLOL baking lock!” I wonder what this could mean. “What would happen if I flip this upside down? Oh! It says 7077!” Maybe that’s the code! I’m going to go try it! Yay! It worked!” said Ella as she put in the code. 

 She got out her ingredients and said “Oh no! I’m going to be late!” I better hurry! Oh boy! I wish I had a skateboard to get to the farm. POOF! There stood a fairy charmander! “Oh my!” said Ella who was very surprised. Fairy charmander said, “I will grant you a magic skateboard for 20 hours.It will allow you to look very pretty while you are on it and 3 hours after you are off it.” Ella’s jaw was open and her eyes were very wide. She stepped  onto the skateboard and before she pushed off, she said” thanks! Ta ta!”       

Ella arrives at the farm a few minutes later. She sets up her work station and the director brought her fresh eggs. “3-2-1” go! Shouts the director. Ella begins to whip up some of her chocolate and madeline cookies. One hour later, the director Shouts “STOP!” He begins to go around to all of the contestants to taste their cookies,cakes and cupcakes. Finally, the director arrives at Ella’s station and tastes her cookies.”marvelous! This one wins first place!”Ella was very surprised and excited that she had won 1st place. The director hands Ella a big shiny gold trophy  and 100 thousand dollars! Ella uses that money to buy her own farm-house with all the eggs and baking ingredients her heart could ever desire. She lived happily ever after.                   

The end    

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